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JRC MARS Bulletin

The objective of the JRC MARS Bulletin is to provide timely, independent, and high-quality information on crop growing conditions and quantitative crop yield forecasts in the EU, to support informed (CAP) policy interventions and to contribute to the transparency of market information.

The Bulletin was first published in 1992. It currently directly implements Article 22 of REG(2013)1306 on Monitoring Agricultural Resources (MARS), and is considered a critical service in the context of the EU crisis management tools. The Bulletin is published monthly.

The JRC MARS Bulletin provides:

  • crop yield forecasts and
  • information on the condition of crops and on weather conditions affecting crop growth and development

It is published in two series:

  • The JRC MARS Bulletin – Crop monitoring in Europe, issued monthly, reports on crop development in the EU Member States and several neighbouring countries.
  • The JRC MARS Bulletin - Global outlook, issued twice per year, reports on crop development in Türkiye, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and North Africa.

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Agri4Cast Toolbox

The yield forecasts in the bulletins are mainly based on analysis of weather-driven crop model results and Earth observation data. Much of the underlying information is publicly available in the form of maps, graphs and/or data files which can be accessed via the Agri4Cast Toolbox.

The Agri4Cast Toolbox also provides an archive of all bulletins published since 2007.

Publication schedule

The 2023 issues of the JRC MARS Bulletins - Crop monitoring in Europe are scheduled for publication as follows:

The 2023 issues of the JRC MARS Bulletins in the Global outlook series are scheduled for publication as follows: