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DigComp support material

Information about translation of DigComp reports and about their reuse policy.

    Policy for reproduction and reuse

    The DigComp reports are available for reuse, according to the Commission Reuse Decision. You can reuse it (copy, redistribute it in any medium or format, adapt, translate, remix, transform and build on it) without limitations as long as you:

    The European Commission is not liable for any consequences stemming from the reuse.


    Rules on modifications

    Please note that if you modify, adapt or translate the DigComp reports, you are not allowed to include the logo of the European Commission in the document.

    In addition, you are recommended to:

    • Indicate the changes made, the responsible author(s) and/or organisation(s);
    • Declare that the Commission is not responsible for the translation and avoid to imply or suggest that the Commission endorses your version of the document;
    • Avoid reproducing unique identifiers (e.g. ISBN, doi) for purposes other than to refer to the original document.

    We would suggest the following example for a copyright notice, below adopted for DigComp 2.0:

    "First published in English as DigComp 2.0: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens. Update Phase 1: the Conceptual Reference Model. by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre - © European Union, 2016

    This translation is the responsibility of [indicate the responsible author(s) and/or organisation(s)]. The European Commission is not responsible for this translation and cannot be held liable for any consequence stemming from the reuse of the document."


    Translation support materials

    Translation of DigComp Dimensions 1 and 2 in European Skills, Competences, and Occupations (ESCO)

    ► To translate DigComp 2.2, please go to a support page hosted by the DigComp CoP

    ► To translate DigComp 2.1, please follow the recommendations in this template

    In the document on the ESCO webpage, the European Commission publishes the ESCO translation of the DigComp competence areas (Dimension 1) and their descriptors together with the 21 competence titles and descriptors (Dimension 2) as they are integrated in ESCO.


    Infographics and flyers