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Innovations in public governance

A scientific approach to digital transformation of public governance, helping policy-makers address the challenges of the future

The public sector as a pioneer for digital transition

The rise of digital technologies brings new empowering opportunities to collaborate and innovate, but it also brings great challenges. One of the key questions the EU is currently facing is how to benefit from digital transformation to address societal needs in the coming decades.

To ensure a path of transition towards regeneration and shared prosperity for the future of our society, the role of the public sector (as an enabler, user and regulator) is crucial. Digital technologies are transforming public institutions and services, creating new ways for citizens and businesses to interact with governments.

Innovation of public services and digital transformation of governance

The JRC investigates, assesses and recommends responses to the impacts of digital transformations on public governance, to help address the EU’s societal challenges in the decades to come. Among other things, we are reflecting the attention of many EU Member States on the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public services and transform the relationships between governments, business and civil society.

This is the work developed by the Innovation of Public Services and Digital Transformation of Governance (INNPULSE) project, which contributes to the recovery and resilience of the EU, larger efforts on public sector reforms, and the seamless cross-border access to public services.

Following the nature of the European Union, this work addresses the entire multi-level governance ecosystem – from local to global – and includes close collaborations with the relevant communities.

Main areas of work

Our work focuses on four key areas:

We aim to enhance the quality, efficiency, and transparency of European public services and strengthening democratic accountability and participation with strong community engagement.

We also developed other projects and initiatives:

Within all these activities, the project promotes ethical, human-centric, and inclusive digital transformation, ensuring that the benefits of innovation are shared equitably and sustainably among all citizens and communities.


Among others, this project aims to provide a contribution to:

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