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14 February 2024

Nuclear decommissioning - knowledge products

Knowledge products generated by the NDAP (Nuclear Decommissioning Assistance Program) and the JRC operators classified on ad-hoc taxonomy.

Knowledge Product: A tangible output (document, service, event, media, etc) of prepared knowledge that enables action of selected users. The preparation of knowledge is the process that collects, manages, and shares knowledge in a certain manner. KP is a tool developed that enables interconnectivity between people, information, and processes. It can also support visual tools aimed at achieving strategic learning goals.

The knowledge product serves as a basis for extracting knowledge sharing products available to fit different users, so they should have some attributes in common: attractiveness, value, monitoring, sustainable, scalability (e.g. adaptable within existing systems architecture) and actionable (e.g. trigger actions).



Activities required for authorizing decommissioning.


Activities required to ensure adequate financial resources are available when necessary for safe decommissioning.

Decommissioning planning

In accordance with regulatory requirements, the preparation and maintenance (throughout the facility lifetime) of a plan to show how decommissioning can safely achieve the defined end state.


Determination of the physical, chemical and radiological nature of something for the purpose of informing activities and decisions.

Waste characterisation

Determination of the physical, mechanical, chemical, radiological and biological properties of radioactive waste to establish the need for further adjustment, treatment or conditioning, or its suitability for further handling, processing, storage or disposal.


The taking apart, disassembling and tearing down of the structures, systems and components of a facility (within a radiologically controlled area) for the purposes of decommissioning.


The complete or partial removal of contamination by a deliberate physical, chemical or biological process.

Material management

The setting up of routes for and subsequent removal of structures, systems, components and material in the facility.

Waste management

Although the "waste management" concept is not included in the Taxonomy of Nuclear Decommissioning Activities as a "core concept", it is included as an "enabling concept" to link with the knowledge field of radioactive waste management. The knowledge products conveyed in this section are tagged with the "waste management" label since they are strongly related with different radioactive waste management activities.

Waste management: all administrative and operational activities involved in the handling, pretreatment, treatment, conditioning, transport, storage and disposal of radioactive waste [IAEA/NSS/GLO, IAEAL 22-01539 | ISBN 978–92–0–141122–8].

Last knowledge product of the Year

Soil and groundwater environmental data management and modelling for decommissioning of a nuclear site

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