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Global Energy and Climate Outlook


The "Global Energy and Climate Outlook" is an annual publication of the JRC, produced in collaboration with DG CLIMA.

Based on quantified assessment by the JRC's internal energy-economics teams, GECO provides a global picture of energy markets as they transform over the next decades, under the simultaneous interactions of economic development, technological innovation and climate policies.

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Global Energy and Climate Outlook 2022

Energy trade in a low carbon world. Report and visualisation.

At a glance: GECO 2022 facts and figures

3° C
Temperature increase
Our Reference scenario projection is better than last year's GECO edition, but further actions are needed to limit climate change
Share of H2 and synthethic fuels in global energy trade
Hydrogen and synthethic fuels experience a strong increase as of today but remain at a small share of energy global trade
More electricity
Energy embodied in traded goods
Increased share of electricity, from renewable sources in particular, is embodied in traded goods and services

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