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Collaborative Doctoral Partnership programme

The Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (CDP) is an initiative of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) to establish strategic collaborations with higher education institutions (HEIs/universities) that grant doctoral degrees (PhD).

CDP is characterised by research excellence and international reputation.

The purpose of CDP is to train a new generation of doctoral students in science and technology.

A specific focus lies on the science-policy interface.


A first call for expression of interest for the CDP pilot phase was launched at the end of 2016. A second call has started in 2020.

HEIs/universities located in EU Member States and countries associated to the EU Research Programme Horizon 2020 are eligible for participation to the CDP.

HEI/universities can apply to one or more thematic fields with several proposals, each proposal submitted on a separate application form.

List of CDP HEIs/universities collaboration agreements of first Call (2016)

PhD positions

Doctoral studies under CDP are co-screened, co-hosted and co-supervised by selected HEI/universities and the JRC.

Doctoral students have the opportunity to carry out part of their doctoral studies at the JRC.

For the period spent at the JRC, doctoral students are offered a grantholder category 20 contract.