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EU Science Hub

Team skills

A balanced team with data science, social science, as well as ‘data stewardship’ background to build partnerships with key players in the private sector and address legal, privacy, ethical and security concerns as well as data transparency, accountability and governance challenges.

Team roles

Data Scientist (I)

To develop and apply advanced analytics and data mining tools to access and crunch large amounts of data, apply geospatial analysis and network analysis; hands-on experience with data handling and modelling.

Data Scientist (II)

To evaluate data quality and suitability in terms of accuracy/representativeness, timeliness, relevance, clarity, coherence and comparability; hands-on experience with data handling and modelling.

Social Scientist

To bridge quantitative and qualitative methodologies tackling and sourcing pressing societal/policy questions; quantitative angle to past research.

Data Steward

To build partnerships with key private but also public sector (from administrative data to statistics) data holders in a coordinated way and with a view of overarching data governance aspects. To facilitate access but also reduce the burden on the research side. Awareness of statistical confidentiality and personal data protection frameworks.

Team profiles