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BounCE4ward: circular economy – a recipe for more strategic autonomy?

Strategic Value Chains, Open Strategic Autonomy and Circular Economy

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About BounCE4ward

The BounCE4ward project explores future scenarios and policy options to increase environmental and economic resilience in the European Union, in line with the goals of the Green Deal, The Circular Economy Action Plan, and the New Industrial Strategy. In particular, the project investigates how circular economy strategies (i.e., reducing, reusing, recycling) can be leveraged to foster strategic autonomy in the EU, mitigating the risk of supply-chain disruptions and reducing carbon emissions in priority value chains.

The work started in March 2022 and will span 3 years. It is carried out by an interdisciplinary team with a mixed background in Economics, Political Science, Industrial Design and Engineering, combining quantitative and qualitative research methods.

BounCE4ward is funded by the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. The CAS aims to enhance the JRC’s capabilities to better understand and address new and emerging societal and environmental challenges facing the EU.

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BounCE4ward project

BounCE4ward project
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