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EU Science Hub

Strengthening and connecting eco-systems of science for policy across Europe

  • Are you working at national, regional, and local level in government, parliament, academia or civil society on improving the use of scientific evidence for policy-making?
  • Would you like to learn more about Europe’s best practice in evidence-informed policy-making?
  • Would you be interested in developing your ideas and projects for stronger science for policy eco-systems with like-minded professionals from all over Europe?

Then register now for the events of the workshop series on "Strengthening and connecting eco-systems of science for policy across Europe" between September 2020 and September 2022.


Register online for the workshop series.

Workshop series

The Covid-19 pandemic has arguably highlighted the importance of robust scientific advice to policymakers. As part of the JRC's efforts to promote sound evidence-informed policy-making across Europe, a series of short, virtual workshops about 'science for policy eco-systems' will be organised between September 2020 and September 2022.

The workshops give opportunity to

  • take stock, discuss and exchange experiences
  • co-create ideas and projects for structures, mechanisms and instruments for strengthening evidence-informed policy-making across Europe

They come in two types:

  • "single element" workshops: for an audience with a specific interest in a particular part of the multi-facetted evidence for policy eco-systems as it is applied across EU countries
  • "single eco-system" workshops: for a group of officials and science for policy professionals from one Member State who discuss - with a group of international experts - one Member State's eco-system's good practices, lessons learnt, success factors and bottlenecks.

Time line (September 2020 and September 2022)

"Single element" workshops

  • 8 Sept 2020 "Science for policymaking at the centre of national government"
  • 7 October 2020 "Science for policymaking in Parliaments"
  • 4 November 2020 "Science for policymaking by national academies"
  • 2 December 2020 "Science for policymaking by Public Research Institutes and Universities"
  • March 2021 "Science for policymaking in regions and cities"
  • October 2021 "Science for policymaking: institutionalising knowledge brokerage"

"Single eco-system" workshops

"Single eco-system" workshops will be launched in September-October 2020. The selection of country cases is still to be discussed with interested parties.

  • 20 October 2020 "Science for policymaking in Belgium"
  • March 2021 "Science for policymaking in Estonia"
  • April 2021 "Science for policymaking in Denmark"
  • May 2021 "Science for policymaking in Latvia"
  • June 2021 "Science for policymaking in Greece"


Between September 2020 and September 2022, this series of workshops will bring together policymakers, civil servants, academics, and experts from across Europe.

  • Member state governments
  • Regional and local authorities
  • National parliaments and regional legislative assemblies
  • Civil society organisations
  • National academies
  • Science-policy interface organisations at international/European level: INGSA, ESAF, OECD, SAPEA, ALLEA
  • Entities engaged in science communication


JRC-E4P-ECOSYSTEMatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (JRC-E4P-ECOSYSTEM[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)