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Low-level uranium and plutonium in synthetic nitrate solution


Publication date
4 December 2012


Low-level uranium and plutonium in synthetic nitrate solution

NUSIMEP-8 is an interlaboratory comparison open to all laboratories.

Participating laboratories in NUSIMEP-8 received one test sample of synthetic nitrate solution with undisclosed isotope amount ratio values n(234U)/n(238U), n(235U)/n(238U) and n(236U)/n(238U) and n(238Pu)/n(239Pu), n(240Pu)/n(239Pu), n(241Pu)/n(239Pu), n(242Pu)/n(239Pu).

Full confidentiality is guaranteed with respect to the link between measurement results and the participants’ identity.

The participation fee was €600 which includes sample dispatch.

Due to the nature of this comparison only a limited number of samples were available. Samples had been allocated to participants in order of registration until the stock of NUSIMEP 8 samples was exhausted. The coordination of NUSIMEP-8 had to be aligned time-wise with REIMEP-17, which was organised in parallel.

Registration for this inter-laboratory comparison was via the following link:

The NUSIMEP-8 samples were shipped from the Institute for Transuranium Elements (EC-JRC-Karlsruhe) to the participants.

The measurement results had to be reported via the IRMM's online reporting tool at the latest on 1st of June 2013.

The NUSIMEP-8 reference values were sent to the participants on 1st of July 2013.

The participant results were evaluated against the reference values by means of z-scores and zeta-scores in compliance with ISO 13528:2005.

The NUSIMEP-8 report is available for download from the IRMM web-site.

In addition each participant received an individual certificate with the reported results, the NUSIMEP-8 reference values and the respective evaluation scores.

For more information please contact: JRC-IRMM-NUSIMEPatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (subject: ) (JRC-IRMM-NUSIMEP[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

Reporting of results: reporting of results closed
Sample dispatch: May-June 2012
Year: 2012-01-01 00:00:00
Contact: JRC-IRMM-NUSIMEPatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (JRC-IRMM-NUSIMEP[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)