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Publication date
16 December 2022 (Last updated on: 28 February 2023)
Joint Research Centre


In the current application an authorisation is sought under Article 4 for hex-2(trans)-enal under the category/ functional group (1a) "technological additives"/"preservatives", according to the classification system of Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003. Specifically, the authorisation is sought for the use of the feed additive for all avian and all porcine species.
According to the Applicant, the feed additive has a minimum purity of 98 % (w/w) of hex-2(trans)-enal, which is the active substance of the product.
The feed additive is intended to be sprayed onto feed through premixtures. The Applicant proposed a maximum inclusion levels of hex-2(trans)-enal of 500 mg/kg compound feed.
For the quantification of hex-2(trans)-enal in the feed additive and premixtures the Applicant submitted two methods based on gas chromatography coupled with flame ionisation detection (GC-FID). These methods are based on generic gas chromatography assay recommended in Food Chemical Codex monograph for hex-2(trans)-enal.
For the quantification of hex-2(trans)-enal in compound feed the Applicant submitted a single-laboratory validated and further verified method based on gas chromatography with mass-spectrometry detection (GC-MS).
Based on the experimental evidence available the EURL recommends for official control the above mentioned GC-FID and GC-MS methods for the quantification of hex-2(trans)-enal in the feed additive, premixtures and compound feed, respectively.
Further testing or validation of the methods to be performed through the consortium of National Reference Laboratories as specified by Article 10 (Commission Regulation (EC) No 378/2005, as last amended by Regulation (EU) 2015/1761) is not considered necessary.


16 DECEMBER 2022