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EU Science Hub

The JRC in Petten (the Netherlands)

The JRC facility in Petten brings together multi-disciplinary expertise for providing European policy support and technology innovation related to:

  • Energy - to ensure sustainable, safe, secure and efficient energy production, distribution and use
  • Transport - to foster sustainable and efficient mobility in Europe
  • Climate - to provide scientific and technical analyses in support to integrated air quality, climate and related policies
  • Nuclear - to maintain and disseminate nuclear competences in Europe to serve both "nuclear" and "non-nuclear" Member States, to provide policy support in the areas of nuclear safety and contribute to the implementation of the JRC Euratom Research and Training Programme.

In Petten about 250 people work on:

  • Low carbon energy systems
  • Battery performance and safety
  • Interoperability
  • Smart energy systems
  • Energy storage
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell testing
  • Energy infrastructures and security of supply
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy system modelling and assessment
  • Nuclear energy – safety, emergency preparedness and response
  • Low-carbon energy technology assessment
  • Knowledge management for energy


European Commission - Joint Research Centre
Westerduinweg 3
1755 LE, Petten
Tel.: +31 (0)224 565656 (switchboard)

Postal address:

European Commission - JRC
P.O. Box 2,
1755 ZG, Petten



Petten is located 20 km north of Alkmaar. The JRC is situated in the research park in the Petten dunes just north of the village Petten. The JRC has its own separate entrance.

Travelling by public transport

Visitors arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are requested to travel by train to Alkmaar as follows:

  • At the airport, take the train direction Amsterdam CS which calls at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Note that there are more trains going to Amsterdam CS but not all stop at Sloterdijk.
  • At Amsterdam Sloterdijk (the second station) change trains for the train direction Alkmaar and Den Helder.
  • At Alkmaar go through the exit with escalator (direction bus, taxi). From Alkmaar to the JRC in Petten, a taxi would be most convenient. Taxis should be immediately in front of the station.

Pre-Booked Taxis from Schiphol Airport

For certain meetings and events your contact person at the JRC may arrange pre-booked transport. If you have been informed that such transport has been arranged please follow the instructions below:

If transport is offered from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the JRC, passengers from flights and trains are to report to the meeting point, where our taxi drivers can be recognised carrying the "JRC Petten" board.