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Sustainable food systems

Transition to sustainable food systems in a European and global context.

24 FEBRUARY 2023
JRC portfolio 11: Sustainable food systems
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Food fraud: How genuine is your honey?

Highly sensitive testing methods applied by the JRC reveal that 46% of honey imported in the EU may be adulterated. The suspicion of fraud results from an EU coordinated action.

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Increasing concern about dry conditions in the south

According to the March 2023 issue of the JRC MARS Bulletin - Crop monitoring in Europe, winter crops are entering spring in fair to good condition in most parts of Europe, after the mild winter. However, dry conditions in the south that are partially expanding and intensifying are raising increasin

Scientific tools

JRC Nanomaterials Repository

The JRC hosts a repository of representative industrial nanomaterials (NM) including nanomaterials studied in the OECD testing programme and large...

Laboratories and facilities

Activities on this topic

Agricultural biodiversity

Agricultural land covers almost half of Europe’s territory. Technological development, mechanisation, agro-chemicals and genetic research have led to...

Agricultural monitoring

Agricultural monitoring research at the JRC involves estimating cropproduction and supporting the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy...

Certified reference materials

The JRC is one of the major developers and producers of reference materials, which are produced in support of EU policy, for example in the areas of...

Consumer products

Consumers are in daily contact with a variety of products such as cosmetics, kitchenware or textiles. The safety of these is of primary concern for...

Drought Monitoring

Work on drought an desertification results in monitoring and forecast systems in Europe, Africa and South America, JRC also leads the way for new systems in Europe.

Farming in the EU

The JRC carries out policy analysis and develops economic modelling tools in support to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.

Food and feed safety

The JRC actions in this area are in line with the "farm to table" concept which takes into account consumers' demands and their feedback right along...

Food authenticity and quality

The labeling of food products is essential to inform consumers what kind of products they are buying. EU harmonised rules on food labeling...

Food contact materials

Food contact materials comprise all materials and articles that come or are intended to come in contact with food, e.g. food packaging materials...

Global food security

The JRC's research addresses the global food security issue, with the demand for food likely to grow by 70% until 2050.

Reference materials for food analysis

The certified reference materials distributed by the JRC give measurement laboratories a means to validate analytical methods, to assess the quality...

Rural development

JRC research focuses on the role of agriculture as provider of public goods, on the impacts of rural development policies on all the aspects of rural...