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Education, skills and jobs

Education, skills and employment for a fair twin transition.

Contributes to EC priorities:
A European Green DealA Europe fit for the digital ageAn economy that works for peoplePromoting our European way of life
24 FEBRUARY 2023
JRC portfolio 21: Education, skills and jobs
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DIGCLASS: Social Classes in the Digital Age

The DIGCLASS project addresses both opportunities and challenges related to the impact of technological change—automation, digitalisation and platformisation—on socioeconomic inequalities in the labour market; health outcomes; educational attainment; and political behaviour.


The digital and green transitions, along with demographic trends and globalisation, are changing the nature of work in Europe: reshaping labour markets, transforming tasks, occupations and skills, and changing forms of work organisation.


To provide a wider evidence base that can enhance EU policy aiming to achieve this goal, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has embarked on a multi-year cross-national research project to study different aspects of fairness.

Gender gaps in education and employment

Despite recent progress, gender gaps in education and employment remain a challenge in Europe. The JRC studies disparities in student performance, educational achievements, occupations, wages, and power and control at the workplace.