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EntreComp support material

Since EntreComp was published in June 2016, a user guide and different support materials are being created by the JRC as well as by other stakeholders to raise awareness and facilitate take up.

  • The Entrepreneurial Employee in the Public and Private sector. What, Why, How. A science-based overview of what entrepreneurial employees do, why such behaviours are needed and how any employee can develop entrepreneurial competences.The associated ”being entrepreneurial canvas” is made available as A3 template
    2 FEBRUARY 2022
    (124.77 KB - PDF)


  • EntreComp at Work, by presenting 10 case studies, provides insights into actual uses of EntreComp to address the entrepreneurial skills challenge that Labour Market Intermediary organisations (LMI) face in support individuals in a journey towards sustainable employment.
  • EntreComp Playbook, which provides readers with a selection of orientation tools for them to experiment and create their own map to entrepreneurial teaching and learning.