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EUFRAT Laboratories

European research infrastructure for nuclear reaction, radioactivity, radiation and technology studies in science and applications

The JRC offers open access to four nuclear laboratories, which allow studies of neutron-induced reactions, irradiations in well-characterised neutron and gamma fields and accurate measurements of radioactivity for science and technology applications.

  • A high-resolution neutron time-of-flight facility (GELINA, Geel)
  • An Underground Laboratory for ultra-low level gamma-ray spectrometry (HADES, Geel)
  • A tandem-accelerator-based fast-neutron source (MONNET, Geel)
  • Radionuclide metrology laboratories (RADMET, Geel)

These EUFRAT laboratories offer unique measurement and training opportunities to both young and experienced nuclear scientists and engineers, as well as to SMEs. So far, more than 100 researchers from EU Member States have participated in experiments from the open access programme, 25% of which were young students.

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EUFRAT Laboratories

  • research body

Radionuclide Metrology laboratories

A cluster of instruments for both radiological characterisation of materials and high accuracy radioactivity measurements.