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Territorial Economic Data viewer (TEDv)

Data visualization of EU R&I funding and beyond

The Territorial Economic Data viewer (TEDv) is the first available tool that combines statistical territorial information from various European Union's Research and Innovation (R&I) funding programs within a single and coherent framework. It compiles information from multiple data sources: Cohesion Open Data Platform; Kohesio; Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard; and eCORDA (COmmon Research DAta Warehouse) - the main data source behind the Horizon dashboard; BvD ORBIS and EUROSTAT.

Territorial statistics (at country-, NUTS 1- or NUTS 2-level) of different R&I funds are reported across three dashboards: (i) the Regional dashboard, (ii) the Sectorial dashboard, and (iii) the Comparison dashboard. Beyond European Union funding indicators, TEDv also includes socio-economic and demographic statistics displayed in the ‘Regional info-sheet’ dashboard.

TEDv offers to the users an easy way to:

  • Monitor the territorial and sectorial concentration of R&I funds;
  • Compare the contribution of different R&I funds to the total Research and Development (R&D) expenditures of a territory;
  • Perform regional benchmarking in terms of the use of different R&I funding;
  • Assess the evolution of the socio-economic performance of a region compared to country and European Union averages.

See the TEDAM Working Paper for more details about the data and methods behind TEDv.