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RHOMOLO Web Application

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The web application available here allows users to explore the results of four illustrative shocks obtained with the RHOMOLO V4 model calibrated with the data constructed by García Rodríguez et al. (2023). The aim of this simple web application is to convey the importance of using a spatial model capable of producing results at the NUTS-2 level in the European Union.

The user can generate maps showing the impact on GDP (expressed as a percentage deviation from the initial steady state) in years 1, 2... up to 20, generated by the following four shocks (separately):

  • Permanent increase in public consumption (+100 million EUR in each region)
  • Permanent increase in public investment (+100 million EUR in each region)
  • 1% permanent increase in total factor productivity (in each region)
  • 5% permanent decrease in transport costs (in each region)

RHOMOLO is a general equilibrium model and therefore produces a number of results in addition to the impact of GDP (for example, see Crucitti et al., 2022, reporting results related to cohesion policy 2014-2020). The web application available here is for demonstration purposes only and is therefore limited in scope.

Access the web application

Contact email address (if you are interested in learning more about the RHOMOLO model and how it can be used for policy applications, beyond the information available in the TEDAM pages):