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Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS)

PEMS measures emissions from combustion engines in real-world in-use testing.

Real-world emissions and activity monitoring of engines and vehicles in support to the European Emissions control legislation.

Portable Emissions Measurement Systems, or PEMS, measure emissions from combustion engines as the vehicle or the equipment is being used, which allows real-world in-use testing.

PEMS offer a modern and innovative counterpart to check the impact of emissions from combustion engines upon the environment. The PEMS used for emissions regulatory purposes integrate advanced gas analyzers, exhaust mass flow meters, weather station, Global Positioning System (GPS) and connection to the vehicle networks. PEMS provide a complete and very accurate real-time monitoring of the pollutants emitted by the engines (HC, CO, CO2, NOx [or NO + NO2], PM) together with the associated engine, vehicle and ambient parameters.