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Security for privacy and data protection

The JRC is carrying out research to assess new and emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) in respect to their impact and associated risks for the European citizen, with the aim to identify ways and measures to protect the citizen against cyber-related threats. This includes data breach exercises, privacy by design technologies, RFID deactivation, and data protection for smart metering systems.

European Data Breach Exercise

Most cyber-crime start with personal data stolen, collected on the fly in the network or from data bases and applications running on any kinds of platforms. This crime constitutes an ID theft and misuse of this ID. The JRC is carrying out a feasibility study for conducting a European Data Breach Exercise with the aim to test cooperation mechanisms between EU member states on a data breach scenario with impacts across borders.


Privacy, data protection and security requirements need to be highlighted and applied as soon as possible in the life cycle of new technological developments. The JRC is conducting research on the development of a privacy and data protection toolbox, aiming at reconciling privacy and security needs.

RFID deactivation

In collaboration with Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, the JRC is conducting a study in order to identify Best Available Techniques for deactivating RFID tags at the point of sale in the retail sector. A flexible and smart deactivation will mitigate the risk of tracking and ID theft without compromising the development of innovative services and will contribute to the establishment of a higher trustworthy environment for the end user.

Data Protection for smart metering systems

The JRC is chairing an Expert Group of the smart grid task force set up by Directorate-General for Energy which aims a developing a Data Protection Impact Assessment template to be used for smart metering systems. The second objective of this group is to identify Best Available Techniques for the ten minimum functional requirements defined by the Commission’s recommendation on the preparation for the roll out of smart metering system. This tool will contribute to the overall risk management effort of this sector and will therefore improve the cyber-security level of the smart grid environment.

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