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REUSE is an exploratory research project that aims to develop novel re-usable panels and innovative modular construction techniques that will contribute to the decarbonisation of the European building stock.

The way that buildings are designed today, namely constructed to be demolished at the end of their lifetime, needs to change urgently for reducing the demolition waste, as in Europe construction is responsible for one-third of the total waste.

To that end, REUSE explores a novel approach by proposing a solution combining eco-friendly materials (e.g. cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels) with advanced modular construction techniques.

Prefabricated panels will also be exploited as modular elements in the construction of new buildings, which can be rapidly disassembled and re-used, exploring the concept of design-for-deconstruction and re-use.

The feasibility of the proposed concept will be explored experimentally, whereas its effectiveness under seismic loading will be validated on a full-scale prototype building using the ELSA lab facilities.