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NOTICE-EUB - NOvel TImber Composites for Energy and Seismic Upgrading of Buildings (iRESIST+)

NOTICE-EUB aims to develop a novel timber-based retrofit system for the combined seismic and energy retrofitting of new and existing buildings. The project explores the joint application of engineered wood panels and advanced insulation materials for building envelopes. The concept takes advantage of the high structural performance of the emerging cross-laminated timber (CLT) technology. The use of organic construction materials, like timber, contributes to converting buildings from a carbon source into a carbon sink when harvested from sustainable forests.


  • CLT systems exhibit exceptional resistance to earthquake actions, while new super-insulation materials reduce the energy needs of a building drastically. Their combination results in a hybrid protection system where the two components co-exist, each one serving its purpose.
  • the use of dry screw fasteners renders the operation reversible.
  • simultaneous improvement in seismic safety and energy efficiency while minimising the overall downtime and labour costs.
  • Speed and ease of assembly are key advantages of this strengthening technique.
Novel Timber Composites for Energy and Seismic Upgrading of Buildings
Proposed combined seismic and energy retrofit concept by NOTICEEUB
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