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European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P)


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The European Commission has identified the lack of comprehensive and coherent data as a hamper to the design and the implementation of energy efficiency policies. There is a need for unbiased, comprehensive and robust data, as well as knowledge and information sharing at different levels.


The platform is a collaborative tool where experts can share data and build evidence-based knowledge to reinforce the energy efficiency community and support the European policy making. The JRC strives to ensure that data and information provided are consolidated and validated by peers.

The JRC provides the European Energy Efficiency Platform as the single entry point and a unique tool to facilitate the data collection and knowledge exchange, and to meet the needs of the online community of experts.

What are the expected benefits of the E3P?

  • Overcoming the existing fragmentation of information and data in the energy efficiency field.
  • A single entry point for comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant data and information.
  • Readily accessible and reusable data and knowledge
  • An open community of energy efficiency experts

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