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Citizen Science for EU policies

Powered by a series of digital transformations over the past decade, citizen became one of the major providers of knowledge and data - both on the web and in uncountable many closed systems. We are in a situation in which we know arguably little about all the data flows surrounding us, and the potentials and threads still leave main research questions unanswered and ethical consideration to be taken more seriously. Paired with legal and organizational considerations, related challenges are also been taken up in policy-making.

In this context, we want to contribute to the understanding of possible roles of citizen and the (power) relationships that are emerging due to data governance and the ongoing digital transformation of society.

While keeping a holistic view across the different possible types of citizen-generated and citizen-contributed content, this work should help to advance the understanding of peoples’ intentional engagement in authentic scientific investigations (Citizen Science) and its possible interplays with European policy.