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Science meets regions pairing schemes

A new element in Science meets Regions 2.0 is the introduction of pairing schemes, which will allow local and regional policymakers to connect with scientists who are experts in areas of science relevant for the policy issues that they are working on.

While pairing schemes are not a silver bullet to enhance evidence-informed policymaking, they can contribute to both improving mutual understanding between scientists and policymakers and facilitating the access of policymakers to relevant scientific evidence. Likewise, they provide scientists with direct insights into how policy develops and widen their professional networks. Pairing schemes will therefore be a useful complement to the policy co-creation events and training activities that constitute the other components of the programme.

In light of this, JRC has launched a call for expression of interest to explore the possibility of implementing various pairing schemes in a decentralised way and with a variable geometry. The call is now closed.