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DGTES keywords list 2022

The DGTES methodological approach builds around a comprehensive dictionary of keywords, each associated with a specific domain of policy-relevant and forward-looking digital technologies.

DGTES identifies a set of 15 digital areas, starting from the analysis of selected policy-relevant documents and carrying out several refinements. To refine the identification of the digital areas, a manual search for keywords was performed by experts, in two steps: (i) scanning of the documents (ii) searching for keywords semantically related to that digital area (through a computational linguistics-oriented interpretation of the mathematical notion of “neighbourhood”). The final set of 15 digital areas covers the highest number of areas falling within the “digital ecosystem” under the mentioned frame - policy-relevant and forward-looking - and avoids redundancies.

This process allows collecting a dictionary of keywords constituting a "semantic space" that characterises the digital technological domain. These keywords were then used to build and run queries on pre-selected repositories of potentially relevant information (patents, players, activities, etc.), in order to detect the documents that concur to define the digital ecosystem. The final outcome of this process is the DGTES digital ecosystem database.

The zip file below contains the list of keywords used to generate the current version of the DGTES digital ecosystem database (2022, version 1). Each keyword belongs to one of the identified digital areas that define the technological boundaries of the digital ecosystem.  

General publications27 July 2022
DGTES Keywords - Pilot 1 - Spring 2022