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D&WM - key achievements

Removal of nuclear and special materials

  • ESSOR reactor spent fuel shipped to the USA
  • Heavy water shipped to Canada
  • Non irradiated nuclear material inventory reduced by 95%
  • 1600 radioactive sources removed from site
  • Fresh and irradiated Sodium removed from site

Pre-decommissioning and Decommissioning

  • cooling tower of the Ispra-1 Reactor demolished
  • liquid effluents aerial pipeline dismantled
  • dismantling of the waste incinerator and pneumatic transfer lines from the reactor Ispra-1 and ESSOR to the on-site radiochemistry hot laboratory (RCHL)
  • RCHL decommissioned and released from radiological control in 2010

Italian "Liabilities" (activities of decommissioning, waste management)

  • November 2009: signature of the settlement agreement with the Italian Government (PDF). Italy agrees to dismantle the Ispra-1 reactor. This was in exchange for JRC research for the Italian Nuclear Programme.
  • December 2017: the Italian Parliament approves in its budget the handover of Ispra-1 nuclear plant to SOGIN SpA (Società Gestione Impianti Nucleari) by the end of 2018.
  • May 2019: the Italian Official Journal publishes the ratification of the Settlement Agreement of 2009 between Italy and the European Commission. The legislative process is complete and the Settlement Agreement is now in full force.