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Marine Optical Laboratory


The Marine Optical Laboratory is primarily intended to support the JRC marine activities addressing the fitness for purpose of satellite derived data products through the use of the reference measurements produced within the context of its field activities.

Specialised research laboratory supporting remote sensing ocean colour calibration and validation activities through the absolute calibration of passive and active optical instruments, the determination of the inherent optical properties of sea water constituents and the quantification of relevant phytoplankton pigment concentrations.

The laboratory activities include operational and development components.


  • Absolute radiometric calibrations in the visible and near-infrared
    of radiance and irradiance sensors
  • Characterisation of the immersion factor for radiance and irradiance sensors
  • Characterisation of the angular response of irradiance sensors
  • Calibration of absorption and attenuation meters
  • Spectrophotometric determination of the absorption coefficient of seawater absorption coefficients for pigmented and non-pigmented particles, and coloured dissolved organic matter.
  • Determination of pigments concentration through High Performance Liquid Chromatography

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Giuseppe Zibordi (EOSS)


Elisabetta Canuti

Lukasz Jankowski