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Innovative policymaking

Innovative policymaking in a complex world: science, foresight and evaluation for policymaking and democracy.

24 FEBRUARY 2023
JRC portfolio 33: Innovative policymaking
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Misinformation on COVID-19: what did we learn?

A JRC report analyses the most spread narratives, their consequences, factors predicting how likely people are to believe or share them, and the most efficient ways to counter them.

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Scientific tools

ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal

The ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal offers a wealth of data to explore the degree of connectivity between 51 European and Asian countries at political, institutional, economic and social levels and assess their sustainability performance.

Composite Indicators and Scoreboards Explorer

The Composite Indicators and Scoreboards Explorer is a powerful tool to explore, create and visualize hundreds of indicators and scoreboards to better inform policy analysis and research and help make progress on Europe's and global challenges.

Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is a tool designed to benchmark and boost the creative and cultural potential of European cities, which is vital to driving economic growth and social cohesion.

Cultural gems

The ‘Cultural gems’ is a Mobile Web App that will allow city residents and tourists to share and discover hidden cultural and creative treasures of the 168 cities included in the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor through treasure hunts.

Digital Media Hub

The Digital Media Hub helps you easily discover how science for policy is linked to our daily lives in the EU.
You can explore our vast collection of animations, infographics, games, videos, virtual tours and other media.

Gender Equality Strategy monitoring portal

The Gender Equality Strategy monitoring portal is an online tool accompanying the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025. It is designed to monitor the implementation of the Strategy by tracking performances across EU in its three main dimensions.

Knowledge for policy

Knowledge4Policy (K4P) is the EU Commission's platform for evidence-based policymaking.

Laboratories and facilities

Activities on this topic

Composite indicators

The JRC is renowned for its expertise on statistical methodologies and technical guidelines for the sensible development and responsible use of composite indicators and scoreboards.

DIGCLASS: Social Classes in the Digital Age

The DIGCLASS project addresses both opportunities and challenges related to the impact of technological change—automation, digitalisation and platformisation—on socioeconomic inequalities in the labour market; health outcomes; educational attainment; and political behaviour.


In the last decades, the European society has been facing many different challenges. Our society is being transformed byclimate change,demographic...