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Healthy biodiversity

Healthy biodiversity and natural capital accounting.

Contributes to EC priorities:
24 FEBRUARY 2023
JRC portfolio 10: Healthy biodiversity


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The EURL ECVAM Search Guide provides search principles and procedures, suggested search terms and user guidance together with an inventory of...

The JRC QSAR Model Database is a database of quantitative/qualitative structure activity relationship models (QSARs) typically used for predicting...

Discover data, web portals, stakeholders, networks and projects on migration and demography relevant to EU policies.

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Activities on this topic

Agricultural land covers almost half of Europe’s territory. Technological development, mechanisation, agro-chemicals and genetic research have led to...

Agricultural monitoring research at the JRC involves estimating cropproduction and supporting the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy...

Consumers are in daily contact with a variety of products such as cosmetics, kitchenware or textiles. The safety of these is of primary concern for...

The JRC provides scientific support to the implementation of European policies that aim to ensure the protection, conservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems.

The JRC provides scientific and technical support to the implementation of EU policies related to marine biodiversity.

JRC research focuses on the role of agriculture as provider of public goods, on the impacts of rural development policies on all the aspects of rural...

The JRC supports the European Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection, addressing areas such as erosion, contamination, compaction, landslides andloss...

The European Union is fully committed to transform its economy and society and put it on a more sustainable path.

With its expertise and broad scientific networks, the JRC supports sustainable management of water resources in Europe and in several developing countries.