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News announcement8 March 2022Joint Research Centre1 min read

Launch of an online tool to monitor gender equality in the EU

Gender equality strategy portal
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Tomorrow the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre presents an online monitoring portal supporting the implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy 2020 – 2025. The Portal will support policymakers and will enhance public scrutiny on the progress made on the implementation of the Strategy during a high-level event with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Director-General Stephen QUEST (JRC) and Director-General Ana GALLEGO (JUST). 

On one hand, the Portal aims to facilitate and support the development of policy initiatives that address gender inequality in the EU, and on the other, it enables policymakers and EU citizens to explore EU-wide data on the presence and magnitude of gender inequalities, across the three main dimensions of the Gender Equality Strategy: Free from violence and stereotypes, Thriving in a gender-equal economy, Leading equally throughout society.

The online Monitoring Portal provides the user with a series of user-friendly interactive tools, giving the opportunity to explore specific topics related to the three main dimensions of the Gender Equality Strategy. For example, one can select indicators related to "Leading equally throughout society" and take a closer look on the share of women in politics, examine how the situation changes from country to country, identify best practises, look in which areas women are less represented and in which they are doing better.

It is interesting to zoom in on EU Member States' performance looking at the country profiles available, examine the maps to see how the EU countries are doing and compare their performance in the Rankings heatmaps based on selected performance indicators.


Publication date
8 March 2022
Joint Research Centre