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JRC releases a new certified uranium reference material with a 6 % enrichment

Various stages of the certification of IRMM-2030
Various stages of the certification of IRMM-2030
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Following the needs expressed by nuclear industry and safeguards authorities, such as EURATOM and the International Atomic Energy Agency, the existing IRMM-2019-2029 series of reference materials has been extended by a new uranium reference material IRMM-2030 with an isotope amount fraction n(235U)/n(U) of 6 %, commonly called a 235U enrichment of 6 % .

The IRMM-2019-2029 series of uranium isotopic reference materials is covering a range of 235U enrichment from 0.17 % (DEU, i.e. depleted uranium) towards 5.0 % (LEU, i.e. low enriched uranium). This series is recognized as an ideal set of "Material Standards" needed for calibration in Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) measurements of nuclear safeguards samples, in particular for the application of the so-called "Modified Total Evaporation (MTE)" and "Double Spike Method (DS)" methods, as described in the respective "Documentary Standards" ASTM C1832 and ASTM C1871.

The extension of the IRMM‑2019-2029 series towards a 235U enrichment of 6% as provided by the new IRMM-2030 is of importance to enrichment facilities in order to fulfil legal obligations in the context of their operating license for enriching uranium up to 6 % of 235U.

Further information

The images show the various stages of the certification of IRMM-2030, from the preparation of the base materials and the TIMS measurements towards the released IRMM-2030 ampoules, as described in detail in the certification report at the JRC Publications Repository.

The IRMM-2019-2029 series and its extension, IRMM-2030, can be ordered from the certified reference materials online catalogue of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

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21 Oктомври 2021 г.