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News article17 November 20171 min read

JRC releases new certified reference material for nanoparticle size analysis (ERM-FD101b) with improved traceability features

new certified reference material for nanoparticle size analysis
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The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC) has developed a new Certified Reference Material (CRM) for nanoparticle size analysis. The CRM (ERM-FD101b) is a suspension of silica nanoparticles of nominally 85 nm in diameter in an aqueous solution and has been developed to support the implementation of the EC nanomaterial definition.

ERM-FD101b is the youngest member of the family of JRC reference nanomaterials. Compared to previous materials it has a larger set of certified size values (11), making it suitable for use with almost all the major measurement methods for nanoparticle size analysis (dynamic light scattering, electron microscopy, centrifugal liquid sedimentation, small-angle X-ray scattering and particle tracking analysis). Moreover, it is the first of the JRC reference materials with an SI-traceable certified value for Stokes diameter (for use in sedimentation tests).

The release of ERM-FD101b concludes several years of product development, characterisation studies and data analysis. The certified particle size values were determined in collaboration with 35 qualified expert laboratories from 10 different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia, thus pooling resources and expertise from across the globe.

ERM-FD101b is now ready to help ensure comparability of measurement results worldwide, facilitate trade and enhance innovation. In particular, Certified Reference Materials such as ERM-FD101b are needed to implement the EC's Recommendation on the definition of 'nanomaterial' (2011/696/EU), which is based on the external dimensions of size of nanoparticles that are the essential constituent of nanomaterials.

With certified particle size values in the range between 80 nm and 95 nm, ERM-FD101b is well-suited for the assessment of the performance of size measurement methods around the value of 100 nm, which is the most critical threshold size value in the EC nanomaterial definition.

The CRM was processed and certified in accordance to ISO Guides 34 and 35.

Details about material sampling, processing, characterisation and certification are described in the certification report, available together with the certificate in our online catalogue.

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Publication date
17 November 2017