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News article26 September 2022Joint Research Centre1 min read

Fair outlook for cereals yields and production in Kazakhstan

The September edition of the JRC MARS bulletin – Global outlook for Kazakhstan shows yield forecasts somewhat above the 5-year average for winter cereals (+6%) and grain maize (+6%), and slightly below the 5-year average for spring cereals (-2%).

wheat grain harvest
Wheat grain harvest
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Compared with last year’s poor performance, the yield and production outlook is distinctly more positive, with an expected production increase of 23% for wheat and 39% for barley.

The cereals harvest campaign is being concluded in September under mostly good conditions with variable regional results.

Canopy conditions as observed by satellite

NDVI cumulated 1 July - 10 September 2022

Satellite observations of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) vegetation indicator on arable land mainly show variable crop conditions across the country. Positive anomalies (in green) reflect above-average canopy density or early crop development while negative anomalies (in red) reflect below-average biomass accumulation or late crop development. In the above map positive anomalies (greenish colours on the map) prevail in Northwest Kazakhstan, where adequate soil moisture levels sustained above-average biomass accumulation, but negative anomalies (reddish colours) are observed in East Kazakhstan and in parts of North and South Kazakhstan, as a result of the irregular precipitation that reduced crop growth.

Yield forecasts for Kazakhstan - September 2022 Bulletin

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26 September 2022
Joint Research Centre