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News article4 June 2020

COVID-19 media surveillance - 4 June 2020

This media surveillance collects articles reported through publicly available web sites.

Geolocations mentioned in coronavirus media coverage showing large clusters of news reports.
Geolocations mentioned in coronavirus media coverage showing large clusters of news reports.
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This media surveillance collects articles reported through publicly available web sites.

It is created with the Europe Media Monitor (EMM).

The selection and placement of stories are determined automatically by a computer program.



The following news were found among the most mentioned/retweeted items:

  • "[Spanish] National Statistics Institute increases the number of deaths in the pandemic to 48,000 with data from all records" (elconfidencial)
  • "A mysterious company’s coronavirus papers in top medical journals may be unraveling" (sciencemag)
  • "Cited as an example by Bolsonaro, Sweden admits it should have taken tougher isolation measures against Covid-19" (globo)
  • "Coronavirus: With 1,349 deaths in 24 hours, Brazil reports a record" (veja)
  • "Corrosive effects of tear gas could intensify coronavirus pandemic" (nytimes)
  • "‘Major spike’: 200 employees at Kansas City firm have COVID-19, health officials say" (kansascity)
  • "Keir Starmer warns PM: get a grip or risk second coronavirus wave. Labour leader accuses Boris Johnson of ‘winging it’ in stinging attack" (theguardian)
  • "Boris Johnson declares himself 'very proud' of coronavirus response" (theguardian)

The most mentioned English sources were the Guardian, the New York Times, the Independent and Science.

El Confidencial, Publico, El Periodico, Clarin and El Diario, and Le Monde and Le Parisien were among the most mentioned Spanish and French sources, respectively.

Extracted Quotes

Sven-Eric Jordt (USA, Professor of anesthesiology at Duke University):

"I’m very concerned in the current situation around COVID-19 that people who are exposed to tear gas may be more at risk of getting infected and developing serious complications".

Yuriko Koike (Japan, Governor of Tokyo):

"Holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games calls for sympathy and understanding of Tokyoites and the Japanese people"; "For that, we need to rationalize what needs to be rationalized and simplify what needs to be simplified.

Fact Check

Fact checked: claims about/by public authorities

  • Fact checkers debunk claims that “a leaked confidential report from Germany’s Ministry of the Interior proves that lockdown policies were excessive”, reporting that the document in question is not from the Interior Ministry, but was drafted by a Ministry employee and reflects his personal views (ellinikahoaxes).
  • Fact checkers examine Donald Trump’s claims against WHO, reporting that the US President falsely accused WHO of ignoring research articles when the articles did not exist, he ignored actions WHO took to alert the global public health community and he assumed that WHO knew that China was censoring reports of the spread of the disease when there is no evidence to support that WHO knew of a cover-up (politifact).

Fact checked: health-related claims

  • Fact checkers debunk a video in which alleged doctors claim that asymptomatic carriers cannot spread the virus and that the prolonged use of face masks causes hypoxia (maldita).
  • Fact checkers debunk claims that the prolonged use of masks causes cancer and death (open).

Fact checked: conspiracy theories

  • Fact checkers debunk claims that the pandemic is part of a plan by the world’s elites to “chip us through forced vaccination and kill us with the push of a button” (faktograf).
  • Fact checkers debunk claims that COVID-19 is caused by a bacterium that causes thrombosis and is exacerbated by 5G networks (voxukraine).

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4 June 2020