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Nieuwsartikel18 september 2017

Continued positive outlook for summer crops

© EU, by Grainne Mulhern

According to the JRC MARS crop monitoring Bulletin for Europe, published today, favourable conditions prevailed in most of France, Germany and the Benelux countries. In Mediterranean regions and eastern Europe, heatwaves and low precipitation continued until the end of August.

The drought in the Iberian Peninsula is still ongoing and some limitations to irrigation have occurred in western Spain and northern Portugal, with negative impacts on summer crops. In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic countries, the harvesting of winter crops has been hampered by frequent and abundant rain, with impacts on grain quality and locally significant damage to crops.


At EU level, the forecast for grain maize was revised slightly further upwards, as the upward revision of forecast yields in France and Romania more than compensated for the downward revision for Spain, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia. The yield forecast for sunflowers is now clearly above the five-year average, mainly thanks to the significant upward revision for Romania. The forecast for sugar beet was also revised upwards and is now also clearly above the five-year average, as the upward revision for Germany and Poland largely outweighed the downward revision for Spain, Romania and Austria. The EU-level yield forecast for potatoes remained practically stable.

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18 september 2017