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News article1 March 20181 min read

Certified reference material for genetically modified DAS-81910-7 cotton

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The JRC releases new certified reference materials (CRMs) based on genetically modified cotton. These GMO CRMs will enable control laboratories to verify whether this cotton is present in food/feed products. Cotton seed oil is a frequently used as food/feed ingredient.

The JRC developed a set of certified reference materials (CRMs) for the quantification of genetically modified DAS-81910-7 cotton (unique identifier DAS-8191Ø-7) in food and feed products. This set is composed of five CRMs, certified for their mass fraction of DAS-81910-7 cotton and intended to be used for the calibration and/or quality control of GMO measurements.

Genetically modified DAS-81910-7 cotton was developed by Dow AgroSciences LLC (Indianapolis, US) and contains genes expressing tolerance to the herbicides 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4 D) and glufosinate respectively.

EU Regulation No 1829/2003 requests that reference materials are made available for GMO events for which an authorisation for the EU food and feed market is requested. The JRC produced and released the set of CRMs for DAS-81910-7 cotton under the code ERM-BF440, with the nominal DAS-81910-7 cotton concentration levels of 0 %, 0.1 %, 1 %, 10 % and 100 %.

ERM-BF440 will enable GMO testing laboratories to quantify the DAS-81910-7 cotton and to implement the labelling threshold for food and feed products according to EU regulation. The measurement system for DAS-81910-7 cotton will be established by the CRM ERM-BF440 and the reference method currently validated by the European Reference Laboratory for GMO food and feed (EURL-GMFF).

Details about material sampling, processing, characterisation and certification are described in the certification report, available together with the certificate in our online catalogue.

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1 March 2018