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The global race for AI

In the global race for AI, Europe competes with conflicting visions.

Between 'AI for profit' and 'AI for control', Europe could embrace 'AI for society', a human-centred, ethical, and secure approach that is true to our core values.

AI players

AI players are concentrated in the US, China and Europe, with distinct differences in their approach to AI.

Build fair AI systems

In between American companies and China government policies, Europe needs to build fair AI systems that are not primarily driven by profit or social control.

AI systems which are 'secure and ethical by design' could be the hallmark of European development in this field.

Europe's strengths

Europe has particular strengths in research, robotics and automotive as well as data protection that it could capitalize on in its approach to AI.

The strong European legal framework for data protection is already a source of inspiration for other parts of the world, and should be used as an asset to take the global lead in a similar way as Europe leads in environmental protection.

The report

This report presents a European view of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on independent research and analysis by the JRC to inform the debate at the European level.

Artificial Intelligence: A European perspective

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