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Ilda Dreoni



Ilda is an applied development and environmental economist working as economic analyst at the Fiscal Policy Analysis team of JRC-Seville. She works on the development and maintenance of EUROMOD and its Indirect Tax Tool extension and contributes to the impact assessment of tax-benefit policies.

Before joining JRC in 2023, she worked as a researcher at the University of Southampton – Department of Social Statistics where she worked on quantitative analysis to measure the impact of international trade on income, poverty, income inequalities, and multidimensional well-being. She further collaborated with the WorldPop group on a project for the construction of a geospatial health and development indicator atlas for India. Ilda is also experienced in academic teaching and supervision in topics such as Advanced Environmental Economics, Applied Statistics, Microeconomics and Quantitative Analysis as well as capacity building of researchers and practitioners.

Ilda holds a PhD in Environmental Economics from the University of Southampton (2020), an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of Turin (2011) and a BSc in Development Economics from the University of Florence (2008).

Her research interests lie in the fields of policy evaluation and monitoring for sustainable development using applied microeconomics. The main areas of research interests are development and environmental economics, experimental methods for microeconomic analysis, public choice and fairness, distributive justice theories and social norms, spatial analysis.