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The ExpoFacts database contains European exposure factor data, collected from more than one hundred national and international data sources; databases, reports, scientific articles etc. This data is now combined and made easily and freely available in the form of this database.

The nearly one hundred data tables available in ExpoFacts database are classified under seven main titles, to make table browsing easier and faster. Also there is a possibility to filter the data according to preferences, e.g. by choosing just the countries of interest, so that the eventually printed or downloaded data tables are in a more convenient form for future use.

Even though the ExpoFacts database is built primarily as a tool for environmental exposure and risk assessment, it contains information that might be interesting also for users from many other backgrounds e.g. administration, NGOs and education sector.

The database contains data that are available uniformly for all or most countries, there are data that are representative of just one or few countries, and there are data that present just a particular subpopulation. This, and all other data quality issues should be kept in mind when using the data available in this database, and especially when comparing various data. Most data are not directly comparable.


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