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European Drought Observatory (EDO) - Combined Drought Indicator Europe

On this page we inform you with the latest status of Drought in Europe and world wide using a Combined Drought Indicator.

More on drought

European and Global Drought Observatories

On these pages your can read about the ideas that backup our Mapviewers, Trendanalysis and Datasets, the partners we have world-wide and the scientific publications we took part in.

Global map viewer

Explore the actual and historical drought relavant parameters such as rainfall, temperature, soilmoisture and groundwater availability using our Mapviewer with timeseries integrated.

European Mapviewer

Explore the current and historical drought situation in Europe and its surrounding area for Rainfall, Soilmoisture, Lowflow, Groundwater and Heatwaves, integrated with timeseries

EDO and GDO Data Download

This services allows you to download European and Global data we present in the Mapviewers. It gives you the opportunity to study data yourself and integrate them in you platform.

Latest Reports

12 JUNE 2023
Drought in the western Mediterranean - May 2023
(27.58 KB - HTML)
22 MAY 2023
Drought in South America
(373.04 KB - HTML)
10 MARCH 2023
Drought in Europe March 2023
(8.09 MB - PDF)
28 FEBRUARY 2023
Drought in the Maghreb and Türkiye February 2023
(27.6 KB - HTML)

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