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EURL-FA - Official controls

As laid down by Article 32 of Regulation (EC) No 882/2004, the EURL for feed additives is responsible for:

  • Providing national reference laboratories (NRLs) with details of analytical methods, including reference methods;
  • Coordinating application by the NRLs of the above mentioned methods, in particular by organising comparative testing and by ensuring an appropriate follow-up of such comparative testing in accordance with internationally accepted protocols, when available;
  • Coordinating practical arrangements needed to apply new analytical methods and informing the NRLs of advances in this field;
  • Conducting initial and further training courses for the benefit of staff from NRLs and of experts from developing countries;
  • Providing scientific and technical assistance to the Commission, especially in cases where Member States contest the result of analysis
  • Collaborating with laboratories responsible for analysing feed and food in third countries

In accordance with Article 12, sampling and analysis in the context of official controls are carried out by official laboratories designated by competent authorities in each Member State.

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