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EU Soil Observatory - data

The EU Soil Observatory (EUSO) will make EU soil-related data available to the maximum extent possible.

We will work with EU countries to identify and present relevant national soil data, using advanced web service technologies.

The EUSO will incorporate the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC). This is the thematic centre for soil-related data in Europe since 2006.

ESDAC is the single reference point for all relevant soil data at European level. It holds many datasets on soil properties, threats and functions, derived from modelling and monitoring.

ESDAC is host to:

LUCAS soil data

The Land Use and Coverage Area frame Survey (LUCAS) has been carried out by Eurostat every 3 years since 2006.

The survey gathers information on the status of and changes in land use and land cover in the European Union .

In 2009, 2015 and 2018, the survey contained a specific soil component, for which soil samples were collected from more than 20,000 EU locations and analysed for a range of chemical, physical and biological parameters.

The results of the analyses present periodic snapshots of the state of EU soils, which help monitor the state of soil over time.

Legacy data

The EUSO aims to incorporate the legacy data stemming from EU-funded soil-related projects so as not to lose valuable, useful and usable results for the future.

Examples of such projects are to be found in the knowledge and data section of DG Environment's Soil and Land website.