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Framework for open access to JRC research infrastructures for training and capacity building

Access of users to JRC research infrastructures is regulated by the "Framework for access to the physical Research Infrastructures of the JRC for the purposes of training and capacity building" ('Framework') drafted by the JRC and based on the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures.

The Framework defines the principles and modalities, including the rights and obligations of the JRC and the user(s), health and safety, security rules, intellectual property rights, data protection, confidentiality, liability and financial aspects, under which the JRC opens its facilities to external users for the purposes of training and capacity building through an open access policy.

Physical access of users to the JRC will be regulated by the User Access Agreement, signed by the user. The agreement will cover legal aspects including intellectual property rights, confidentiality, third party liability, insurances, the documents to be provided by the user, and the rules of conduct on JRC sites.

Users are encouraged to contact the research infrastructure during preparation of the proposals, in particular when a topic different from those proposed by the research infrastructure is requested by the Lead User.

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