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Sofia Maier



Sofia is a reseacher working in the Fiscal Policy Analysis team at the JRC-Seville. She works in the development of the EU tax-benefit microsimulator EUROMOD and carries out research and policy analysis in the area of fiscal policies, labour markets and inequality.

Before joining the JRC in 2019, Sofia worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on time-use, poverty and gender inequality; for the Presidency of Uruguay on fiscal policies, inequality and microsimulations and for PwC on macroeconomic and sectorial economic consulting. She has also research and teaching experience, mainly in macro, labour and inequality topics.

Sofia has a PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp (Belgium), a MSc degree in Economics and Business from the University of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and a BA degree in Economics from the UdelaR (Universidad de la República, Uruguay).

Her main research interests are economic cycles, crises and welfare; unemployment and labour market mismatches; multidimensional poverty and inequality; microsimulation of tax benefits and evaluation of fiscal policies; perceptions/attitudes towards redistribution; time-use, unpaid labour and gender inequality.