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Resilience dashboards

The social and economic, green, digital, and geopolitical resilience dashboards

Heatmap updated

The resilience dashboards provide a holistic assessment of the ability to progress amidst ongoing societal transformations and challenges ahead, across four dimensions:

  • social and economic
  • green (environmental)
  • digital
  • geopolitical

They have been developed by the European Commission in a process of collective intelligence with Member States and other relevant stakeholders, as a follow up to the 2020 Strategic Foresight Report.

They represent an innovative monitoring tool for the transition-led EU policy agenda and aim to help Member States identify areas for further analysis and potential policy actions.

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Latest News:

Version Spring 2022

This spring update includes, besides recent data updates, refinements and adjustments to selected indicators to better align the dashboards with the information used in the Country Reports of the European Semester.

The report includes an overview of the specific changes at indicator level.

Version November 2021

Final version of the resilience dashboards, which takes into account all inputs received during the public consultation.

Version July 2021

This draft version of the resilience dashboards was developed by the European Commission in a process of collective intelligence with the Member States and other relevant stakeholders. Both the report and annex have put online for public consultation. The JRC's Competence Centre on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards (JRC-COIN) has audited this version of the dashboards.

Prototype dashboards

The 2020 Strategic Foresight Report proposed prototype resilience dashboards aimed to assess the vulnerabilities and capacities of the EU and its Member States in each of the four dimensions, taking a forward-looking perspective informed by strategic foresight.