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Loneliness prevalence in the EU

The first ever EU-wide survey on loneliness, EU-LS 2022 finds that on average, 13% of respondents report feeling lonely most or all of the time over the past four weeks, while 35% report being lonely at least some of the time.
Loneliness prevalence differs across countries. This can be explained by cultural differences but also by demographic differences and, possibly, sampling differences. According to EU-LS 2022 loneliness is most prevalent in Ireland with over 20% of respondents reporting feeling lonely. Luxemburg, Bulgaria and Greece follow. The lowest levels are observed in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia and Austria (all below 10%). A similar geographical pattern was already observed for data collected during the pandemic.

EU Loneliness Survey 2022 - share feeling lonely most of the time
EU-LS, 2022

Figure: The figure displays by country, the share of respondents who felt lonely most or all of the time over the past four weeks preceding the survey.

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