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Reference Materials (RM)

The JRC’s Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements is one of the world’s major producers of reference materials, and all products can be found in the RM Catalogue.

The JRC is one of the major developers and producers of reference materials in the world. Reference materials are reliable quality assurance tools that improve confidence in test results obtained by laboratories. They play a key role in the calibration of laboratory instruments by providing precise reference values and data.

The JRC currently provides nearly 800 different reference materials under the BCR, IRMM and ERM brands in the fields of food and feed analysis, environmental analysis, engineering and health applications. All these materials come with clear traceability statements on their certificate.

Reference materials can be ordered directly from the JRC, Geel or from one of the authorised distributors.

Check Certified Reference Materials Catalogue for the full catalogue of reference materials, ordering, user support, application noticed and frequently asked questions.