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POTEnCIA (Policy Oriented Tool for Energy and Climate Change Impact Assessment) is a modelling tool that allows for a robust assessment of the impact of different policy futures on the EU energy system developed by the JRC.

It is designed to assess the impacts of alternative energy and climate policies on the energy sector, under different hypotheses about surrounding conditions within the energy markets. The model follows a hybrid partial equilibrium approach combining behavioural decisions with detailed techno-economic data, therefore allowing for an analysis of both technology-oriented policies and of those addressing behavioural change. Special mechanisms and features are implemented as to appropriately represent the transformation of today’s energy systems and capture the implications of the uptake of novel energy technologies and of changing market structures.

The model covers each EU Member State separately, while offering, in addition, the option of addressing the EU energy system as a whole. The typical projection period that can be analysed by POTEnCIA is up to year 2050 in annual steps.

The main use of the model is for comparative scenario analysis. The reference point to which policy scenarios can be compared is the Central scenario, which describes the likely evolution of the EU energy system until the year 2050 under certain assumptions.

Further information can be found in the model description and in the publication sections.