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EU Science Hub

The JRC in Seville (Spain)

The JRC site in Seville works closely with sister services of the European Commission to provide socio-economic and techno-economic support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of EU policies.

Discover JRC Seville

Established in 1994 with a small group of researchers, today it is the second largest site of the JRC. Economists, engineers, computer and social scientists are the most frequent profiles among the staff of 400 people specialised in the following areas:

  • Circular economy and industrial leadership
  • Digital economy
  • Economics of agriculture
  • Economics of climate change, energy and transport
  • Fiscal policy analysis
  • Human capital and employment
  • Territorial development

Core activities and competences include:

  • Conducting policy studies: policy option analysis.
  • Developing and running economic models to make projections, perform scenario analysis and policy impact assessments.
  • Running techno-economic bureaux to manage information exchange and consensus-building on highly complex techno-economic issues. EIPPC Bureau, Product Bureau
  • Providing policy intelligence platforms. Smart Specialisation Platform
  • Producing skills and competence frameworks covered by Europe 2020 and the New Skills Agenda. Such as DigComp, EntreComp, DigCompEdu, DigCompOrg


Postal address

European Commission - Joint Research Centre

Edificio Expo

Calle Inca Garcilaso, 3

41092 Seville, Spain